This is a space for me to voice my opinions, share my thoughts and try to express what I think and feel as I live abroad in Taiwan.  Read about my weekend trips, the interesting people I meet along the way or find out about good places to visit while you are in South-East Asia.  

This blog is here to provide my opinions; therefore, please do not see the information here as scientific or always credible.  One person’s viewpoint is nothing but a subjective reflection of their life.

About me:

I am a young South African woman currently living in Taipei City.  More than often I am pessimistic and critical, but deep down I do believe in positive thoughts and that everything in life happens for a reason.  That reason may not yet be clear, but the choice or event did happen for a reason.

One such event was me not being accepted into the Psychology Program at the University of Stellenbosch.  Upon their suggestion, I applied for the BA Social Dynamics course.  Despite reading the program schedule, visiting their website and asking multiple people about the program, I still did not know what the course would be about and whether it was the one I intended on studying.  So, I decided to apply to the Education Program at the same university.

Admittingly, it was a quick decision, but after consulting with my (very) supportive father and visiting the faculty’s website, I knew that I had to follow a course that suited my diverse interests.

At university, I excelled in most areas.  Of the Ground Phase and Intermediate/Senior Phase options I choose the latter.  Where two majors were required, I choose four.  Scholarships for maintaining good scores were achieved and at the end of four years and not having failed any classes, I graduated cum laude.

The next choice had been what to do after graduating.  Staying in South Africa did not appeal to me due to personal and economic reasons, nor did the option of teaching in England.  So, along with my best friend from university, we applied for teaching jobs in Taiwan.

We came here not knowing what to expect nor if we would even have the jobs we had been organizing through Kojen ELS. Yet being young and full of hope, we ignored all caution and landed at Taoyuan Airport on January 17th, 2008.  My friend left after a year because she missed her mother and family too much.  I have been going strong for more than seven years now.

I still teach at the same school I did when I started here (in Taiwan, foreign teachers are often looking for greener seaweed in other ponds).  Long commutes and difficult living conditions, forced me to move, but I am much happier where I currently live.

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